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Tammy Faye
Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Jake Shears
Book by James Graham


Company Stage Manager
Almeida Theatre  |  Oct-Dec 2022


Direction: Rupert Goold
Choreography: Lynne Page
Design: Bunny Christie
Costumes: Katrina Lindsay
Lighting: Neil Austin
Sound: Bobby Aitken
Video: Finn Ross
MD: Alex Beetschen


Cast: Kelly Agbowu, Amy Booth-Steel, Katie Bradley, Katie Brayben, Colin Burnicle, Ashley Campbell, Peter Caulfield, Danny Collins, Richard Dempsey, Fred Haig, Michael Kent, Georgia Louise, Andrew Rannells, Robyn Rose, Nick Rowe, Martin Sarreal, Steve John Shepherd, Gemma Sutton, Zubin Varla 

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